Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Root Beer Float Popsicles

I love making my own popsicles.  I also love that little bit of icy goodness that forms around the icecream when you make a root beer float.  After a bit of research and experimenting I made an AMAZING root beer float popsicle!

I found these molds on Amazon and I LOVE them.  They are Tovolo 80-4579 Green Groovy Ice Pop Molds and I love that each mold is individual and not all connected.  To make the pops I placed vanilla icecream in 1/4-1/3 of the mold first.  Next I poured in A&W root beer.  Quick tip: Make the root beer FLAT before pouring.  I didn't do this and had to deal with the bubbles and air.  I was able to get rid of some of the bubbles by lightly hitting the molds on the table, but as you can see at the bottom of the popsicle I did miss some.  Next time I will use flat soda.  

Result: WOW!  They are the consistency of that icy part when you make a root beer float and the taste is fairly similar throughout.  I actually prefer these over an actual root beer float now!  You must let these freeze overnight for the best consistency and so they do not pull away from the stick.  Even if they do you can still enjoy them!  Can't wait to try these molds with other concoctions! 

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