Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yes, that is correct, I am writing about an Italian Cafe.  I know I avoid anything Italian with a 10 foot pole because there are very few items that are gluten free.  However I was wanting a really hearty salad and passed DePalma's on Timothy Road and decided to try.  It wasn't hard finding the salads on the menu and I ordered the chopped italian salad without salami.  The salad was AMAZING!  I think there was more turkey on it then lettuce and it was so flavorful!  I got it to go so I asked the bartender what dressing she liked.  She said she mixes the gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette and I would only be charged for one dressing.  I decided to go for it and it was delicious!  I know sometimes people worry about gorgonzola but since they make everything from scratch I didn't worry too much.  Definitely a very dense salad but it was so good I ate the entire thing!  The italian chopped salad is $9.00 but it has so much in it, it is well worth the $9!!!
The lovely box- the best part- it's not styrofoam!  It's some kind of paper product.

YUM!  The amazing salad- even stayed nice on the drive!  LARGE helpings of dressing too!

As I was waiting on the bar I questioned the bartender about gluten free.  She flagged over the manager who was more knowledgeable than the layperson on gluten free.  He told me all the items he could make gluten free and I was very surprised.  After talking some more he grabbed my take out menu and offered to circle all the items that were or could be made gluten free.  I let him and I am happy to say many items are circled.  I will offer the disclaimer he did- not all three DePalma's have the same menu, so I will have to ask at each location.  However, at the Timothy Road location all the salads are or can be made GF.  The chicken scaloppini can be made GF if you ask, grilled pork dish is GF, grilled steak is GF, and chili glazed salmon.  He said the stuffed mushrooms are gluten free, but I would double-check if ordering since there are meatballs in it.  The Mozzarella and Pomodori salad is also GF.  No it's not a lot, but it is more than you can have at most italian restaurants.  The manager also offered to try to alter anything on the menu if I knew what needed to be changed and if it was possible.  I am grateful for those restaurants that are open to those of us with dietary restrictions and who are willing to meet us half way!

I will definitely be returning and I encourage everyone to go there.  Support those businesses that support our dietary needs!

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