Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big City Bread

Big City Bread is a great place to go and eat or study.  They have a huge cement patio that is amazing and covered by large trees.  They have wonderful tea and coffee as well.  However, they are not gluten friendly.  All they carry that is gluten free (other than salads) is a chocolate truffle star or truffle cake.  When I asked the salesperson if they thought BCB would carry gluten free bread they told me they doubted it as it's not in "high demand."  I told them I lived in Nashville and loved all the gluten free options.  Their reply was "Nashville has a population of how many million and Athens as a small population of what?  We can't be like Nashville."  To say I wasn't pleased was an understatement.

However, I got the chocolate star truffle ($2.65) and a sweet tea.  The tea was great, and the star tasted good but it was very rich.  It was also TINY.  The size of a small cookie maybe.  It was so rich I ended up leaving with a headache.  With that said, although I'm not a fan of their offerings and their inability to provide for those with food allergies, it is a nice place to study outside as the picture below shows.
Outside patio at Big City Bread

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