Sunday, August 22, 2010

Willy's Mexicana Grill

Grad school has kept me a little too busy!  I went to Willy's Mexicana Grill on Friday and it was AMAZING!

Of course, as in the majority, if not all, of Mexican restaurants, they only had flour or wheat tortillas for burritos.  So I opted for the hard shell taco although I do believe they have corn tortillas for soft shell.  I really wanted the chicken, but I was worried about the seasonings.  Willy's is set up like your local Moe's and I was concerned no one would know what they actually seasoned their meat with, but I was wrong!  The line guy called over another guy and he broke down the ingredients, off the top of his head, ingredient by ingredient.  I remember him saying OJ, oregano, salt, pepper, lime, etc.  Nothing scary!

I proceeded to get a chicken and a veggie taco because I had to try their guacamole and veggie comes with it.  I asked for a side of queso as they give you chips, and my total was only like $5.39 or so.  I was loving that price!  I then checked out their salsa bar and tried the green cilantro salsa.  I took the meal to go but obviously forgot to take a picture!

The tacos were great!  The flavor in the chicken was spectacular with a citrus and roasted taste.  The guacamole was very flavorful and definitely NOT from a box.  The queso was a bit thick, but it could have just been that particular batch.  The hard shell taco did not withstand the to-go and fell thru on the bottom, but was very crispy when I used it to eat the tacos like nachos.  The cilantro green salsa had a very light taste and flavor to it but was refreshing after eating a few too many bites of the pico on the taco!

Overall Willy's will definitely be a frequent place for me!  They are CHEAPER than Moe's and I love support the local business.  I especially love that the staff was so knowledgeable!  Staff that are doing more than "just the job" are always an asset to those with food allergies!  BTW tacos are made on tin foil so no touching what flour has touched and you can ask for them to change their gloves if you are super concerned or allergic!

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