Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jot Em Down BBQ

This little BBQ place is right down the road from me.  At first it looked scary (it is across from a Bowling Alley), but I was told by many people it was very yummy so I had to try it!  I was greeted by one of the staff, Janet, and felt right at home!  I let her know I was gluten free and proceeded to ask countless questions about menu items.  I wanted take out but wanted to make sure everything would be safe.  Janet answered all my questions and even double-checked ingredients for me (potato salad had wheat germ in it and cabbage casserole was not gluten free for obvious reasons).  She warned me that she did not know what was in the sauces you can get on the side as they are "secret" recipes, but she was almost positive the vinegar based sauces would be okay.  I finally settled on 1/4 dark chicken with green beans and coleslaw.  For $7.50 it was a great deal for dinner!  I also tried a mild vinegar sauce.
Yummy meal in the to go box

The chicken was amazing!  Next time I will try the white meat but it was very tasty even without the sauce.  The sauce just added a bit of a peppery vinegar taste to the chicken.  Then I had the green beans- YUM!  They are made "vegetarian" so no pork but they were so delicious!  The coleslaw had both mayo and vinegar.  It was good but a bit too peppery for me but coleslaw is one of those that varies by person.  Overall the meal was worth so much more than I paid!

I will definitely being returning to Jot Em Down BBQ and am very thankful of the knowledgeable staff and willingness to answer my million questions!  Go check them out!  Their website is


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